Innovators not Imitators...


About RVI

Related Ventures Inc. RVI Wooster Ohio


What RVI Represents:



RVI has beeen in the business for over THIRTY years devoted strictly to the INDUSTRIAL CLEANING BUSINESS.  We have almost 150 years of collective experience in this field.  Our business has moved into Municiple areas of Digester Cleaning, Painting, Parking Lot and Road Maintanence.  Over these many years - RVI has been dedicated to the philosophy that protecting our environment IS NOT AN OPTION - but rather a DUTY... ensuring our future generations a clean and healthy environment in which to live.

"Hands On Management" ...

RVI has implemented their Thirty+ years in the industrual Cleaning Industry across the entire company - from laborers to managerial staff and supervisory staff.  RVI offers superior field knowledge and "spot-on effecient quoting capabilities.  Management at RVI dialy work side-by-side with technicians in the field.  These same supervisors who work in the field compentantly quote future jobs.


RVI depends heavily upon employee involvement to have a more successful job end result - in doing so we accomplish several things:

Better trained employees who participate in all
aspects of their job...At all times - they remember...

Safety before the Act not after the Fact

Training commences upon the first day an employee is placed with RVI and remains an ongoing necessity - procedural changes, equipment development and
upgrades, job expectations and safety requirements changes.

RVI is constantly changing its fleet and tooling to better accomplish the needs of our customers


"Innovators not Immitators" are not mere works...  At RVI we put this into action...

RVI has designed and manufactured many innovative productive pieces of equipment to better facilitate our business... many porviding valuable reductions in "downtime During Shutdown"...  where costs run high when facilities are shut down for cleaning.  Many inventions came into being because there was no "conventional" way to service the problem!



     As one of the only female owned

                Family Operated

     Industrial Cleaning Companies...


RVI Inc is:

 "committed to excellence and "hands-on management" in the safest fashion."


RVI Saves You Money

RVI's many years of experience , the multi-purposed capabilities of our
equipment, and along with the applied Nozzle and Air Movement technology,
we feel we can produce better than any other cleaning company in the field.


We apply special
consideration to impact and flows, allowing us to obtain greater productivity
for the customer - providing our customerswith impressive cost savings.


Meet Our Senior Management...



    Judy Hess has taken the lead at RVI for the past 6 years.  Her qualifications in Management and "Hands On" leader are impeccable.  Judy's philosophy that leadership comes from being THE quissential example stems from years of ethical training.



    Vice President

    Tom Thomas is the backbone of RVI.  His leadership skills are only surpassed by his dedication to the customer and getting the job done right.