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Roof Ballast Removal

Roof Ballast Removal

  • Variable sizes of vacuum allows us to
    remove waste quickly and efficiently.

  • RVI has more then 20 years of Roof Ballast
    Removal Expertise.

  • We understand what the importance of roof preparation is to
    our customer

  • We work together, with our customers to
    ensure a quality job in a timely manner.

Our Dry Vacuum System will help decrease injuries to workers,help control dust - keeping you in compliance
and reduces the time it takes to remove the ballast.
We can vacuum Pea Gravel to River Rock plus the dirt that is under the rock giving workers a cleaner environment to work in.
The Wet Vacuum System not only removes Ballast like the Dry Vac but cleans the roof so that adhesives or other roofing materials are used more effectively.
There is no roof too unique for us. We have worked on multi story buildings to buildings with all glass exteriors.
Disposal is not a problem - we can dump on site or transport for off site disposal.
For large roofs with off site disposal - we recommend our SHUTTLE VAC ® service. This is a true cost saver for larger jobs. Click on the
SHUTTLE VAC ® tab for more information.SHUTTLE VAC ®

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